Chi Flow System

The focus of the Chi Flow system is your health and longevity. The effects of our modern sedentary but stressful lifestyle has resulted in most people feeling tired, tense and suffering from chronic illnesses and pain. By learning and practicing the Chi Flow System you will begin to transform your body, improve your health and increase your energy levels and wellbeing. This happens naturally just by doing the practice regularly, and more importantly, it just feels great!

The Chi Flow system brings together three traditions of body movement, each having proven time and time again to bring better physical, psychological and internal health.

• The principles of Chinese Qigong bring an understanding of internal energy and a focus on Dantian as an energetic centre

• The postures of Indian and Tibetan Yoga bring a physiological structure and form to the movements, as well as energy production and movement aspects

• The principles of Tai Chi bring smooth effortless 3-dimensional movement

You will find the focus of a Chi Flow class different to the a standard fitness, exercise or “gym yoga” class. You will not experience the feeling of pushing hard and straining to fatigue. Just as a fish moves effortlessly in all directions, or a child moves without tension, a Chi Flow practice builds a natural and fluid body where all movements in life becomes free-flowing, light, easy and intuitive. The end result is the experience of contentment and wellbeing in your body.

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