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About Our Classes

A regular yoga practice brings many health benefits. Students who regularly attend classes improve in flexibility, strength, digestive function, quality of sleep and blood and fluid circulation. They also achieve deeper sense of ease and relaxation in their lives. Most people start to feel the positive effects of the practice after the first class, often noticed with a feeling of peace and contentment, coupled with a feeling of lightness and warmth. A feeling of having exercised, and feeling awakened and refreshed by it is the desired outcome.

Chi Flow Class

This class is suitable for everyone no matter what your current state of fitness and health. The class is easily scaled to your ability with easier and more difficult options on offer with each sequence. The class is a continuous flow of three dimensional movements which incorporate Indian and Tibetan yoga with the Chinese health systems of qi gong, tai chi and meditation techniques that help us to let go of tension, improve circulation, breathing and digestion while gaining strength and flexibility through exercise. If you wish to work with particular health issues, it may be good to enter this class after a private consultation or speak to one of our teachers before the class.

Power Chi Flow Class

The Power Chi Flow class is suited to those who have mastered the fundamentals of the Chi Flow system and wish to further their practice with more complex and physically challenging sequences of practice. If you are new to our studio, please come along to the Chi Flow class first. The Power Chi Flow class is a continuous flow of challenging three dimensional movements that in addition to benefits of Chi Flow, focus more on strength, balance, body awareness and improving digestion.

Yoga Synergy Flow Class

Yoga Synergy is practice of traditional yoga asana (poses) that flow together through simple linking movements and breathing. It is suitable for those with some level of fitness, however beginners are most welcome and are easily accommodated through more simpler options of the poses and sequences. The emphasis of Yoga Synergy is to safely work with the body without stress, while working with strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. By attending this class regularly you will quickly improve in fitness and flexibility while feeling relaxed and energised.

Gentle Qi Gong Class

This class is suitable for those who wish to improve and maintain their wellbeing, and those who are recovering from or managing chronic health issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome, recent surgery, chronic stress, heart disease and mental illness to name a few. Gentle Qi Gong class is also suitable for Seniors.This class is less physical and more focused on circulation, correct breathing, gentle movement and training balance in physically safe ways. Attending these classes is beneficial in helping to reduce pain levels, improve digestion and help stimulate immune system function in order to boost the body’s own healing mechanisms.


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