Power Chi Flow Classes

The focus of the Chi Flow system is your health and longevity. Power Chi Flow is the next level of practice after becoming familiar with the Chi Flow practice. By learning and practicing Power Chi Flow you will further strengthen your body, improve your health and further your understanding about body energy  production and movement.

Compared to the Chi Flow system, the Power Chi Flow practice has more emphasis on movements and breathing methods from Indian and Tibetan Yoga. The Power Chi Flow practice brings together three traditions of body movement, each having proven time and time again to bring better physical, psychological and internal health.

• The postures of Indian and Tibetan Yoga bring a physiological structure and form to the movements, as well as energy production and energy movement aspects

• The principles of Chinese Qigong bring an understanding of internal energy and a focus on Dantian as an energetic centre

• The principles of Tai Chi bring smooth effortless 3-dimensional movement

Power Chi Flow classes are more challenging physically and require prior training within the Chi Flow System. In helps to improve strength and flexibility, as well as blood circulation, digestion, internal organ function and strengthen immune system.


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