Chi Flow Yoga & Yoga Synergy Videos

Below are a selection of videos that will give you an idea of the different methods practiced at Chi Flow Yoga Studio. These videos should be used as a guide only, as they cannot substitute the necessity of having one of our trained teachers guide you through a class and tailor it to you specific needs. To ensure you are getting all the health benefits your mind and body needs, contact us via phone on 0419 369 364 or email


Chi Flow Yoga: Emu Sequence


Chi Flow Yoga: Peacock Dance Sequence


Chi Flow Yoga: Flying Eel


Chi Flow Yoga: Eagle





Yoga Synergy: The Full Form of Utkatana Vinyasa


Yoga Synergy: A Form of Utthita Marichyasana Vinyasa


Yoga Synergy: Trikonasana (Triangle) Vinyasa


Yoga Synergy: Parsvokonasana Vinyasa


Yoga Synergy: Chandra Namaskar


Yoga Synergy: Expansive Uddiyana Mandha, Expansive Mull Bandha, Nauli Kriya and Compressive Mula Bandha


Yoga Synergy: Parivrtta Padma Vinyasa


Yoga Synergy: Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) Vinyasa


Yoga Synergy: A Simple Version of Padma Namaskar

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